Family Christmas

Just like Jesus, when I was born I was the youngest in my family. Okay, Jesus was the oldest too, but that’s because he was the first. A mere technicality. Me? I was actually fourth, and last in line. Then, since my parents were convinced they couldn’t do any better, they quit. That’s one version. […]

Tidings of Retail Therapy

(To the tune of, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”) Entering this season, this Christmas time of year, at times we struggle to maintain enough of Christmas cheer. Our thoughts drift from the reason we hold this time so dear. Ohh, tidings of retail therapy, therapy. Ohh, tidings of retail therapy. Turkey’s barely cold before we […]

Joseph’s Heart

  Joseph, how’s your heart? How do you perceive the son of God your Mary’s conceived? What kind of man are you who refused to send her away? Joseph, we don’t know much about you, do we? We know when you discovered Mary was with child you refused to publicly shame, but rather decided to […]

Afraid of Christmas?

Should we be afraid of Christmas? Or should Christmas be afraid of us? So many are afraid of lawsuits and such, yet it’s hard to reconcile the fuss. Don’t say Merry Christmas when you talk to customers in your store. Don’t put the Nativity here. Is that a bible verse on government stationary? I don’t […]