What If Wonderful?


Remember when you were young

and with the car window rolled down

your hand could fly in the jet stream

almost breaking sound?

God gave you imagination

to see more than with your eyes.

So if a still small voice is saying so,

maybe you should fly.

What if wonderful?

It’s more than just a word.

What if God’s best you rehearsed?

What if fantastic and amazing occupied your mind

instead of just existing,

getting by.

What if wonderful?

Think beyond the tried, it’s true,

you won’t always know how the Lord can use you

until you step out.

What if wonderful?

Not just another day.

What if amazing? A highlight reel play.

Jesus lives in you, if you believe.

He wants the best for you, so conceive.

Build something

with your two hands.

Make reality

out of your plans.

Write a book,

or paint a scene.

Give arms, legs and a brain to your dreams.

What if wonderful?

Don’t let lack of trying

make you set your goals aside,

and don’t ever let dream breakers

cut your imagination down to their size.

What if wonderful?

Ask questions of your direction;

do you have one?

Or are you adrift, without oars?

Have you sought God’s will for your journey?

Without his direction you’ll surely drift off course

and miss the wonderful.

What if exciting? Life lived to the fullest.

What if energy infused your walk?

What if every day, or at least most

it matched your talk?

What if wonderful?

What if you started each day, seeking God’s face,

expectant and childlike, no matter your age?

What if the most high God, full of justice and grace,

were to mold you?

What if now?

What if astonishing?

What if wonderful?

©Joel Tipple

Blessed Are

blessed are
the poor in spirit
theirs is the kingdom of heaven
God holds those humble in the palm of his hand
where to their hearts he tends

blessed are
those who mourn
held in our arms and in our hearts
God’s tender love is expressed for such
who suffer the bitter part

blessed are
the gentle
who cover faults with grace
not thwarted by the harsh and arrogant
they serve with a loving face

blessed are
those with a righteous hunger and thirst
God will move all obstacles
in their path
for they desire to seek him first

blessed are
the merciful
who will receive mercy in kind
the evidence of this quality of God
brings the Son of God to mind

blessed are
the pure in heart
whose eyes focus on the king
they remain cleansed and sanctified
despite Satan’s schemes

blessed are
the peacemakers
reconciliation is how they serve
true disciples of Jesus they bring harmony
his witness on this earth

blessed are
the persecuted
indeed for righteousness’ sake
their unwavering stand separates them
standing not as the world’s claim

blessed are you
sold to the truth
rejected by the world
reviled and abused
blessed are you
of a disciple’s life
who fear not disdain
or the crowd’s angry lies
blessed are you
for Satan’s not concerned
by the lukewarm and uncertain
whose hearts do not burn
rejoice and be glad
sold out for Christ
if the road was easy
there would be no price
but if the grade is steep
and the wind’s in your face
take those for signs
you’re running the right race

(Based on Matthew 5:1-12 The Sermon on the Mount; The Beatitudes)

© Joel Tipple

The Gospel

let me feel the gospel
anyone could say the words
so don’t let them pass right through me
hardly pausing on their way
let them change me
rearrange me
I’m willing to learn
God, you hear what my heart has to say.

let me carry the gospel
its bright colors spilling forth
with grace to balance justice
east west south and north

friends we’ve become
your gospel and me
it’s the truth that shines
from the eyes of the knower
but it’s not only a companion
that wants to hang around
it would much rather be with
those who are sowers

gospel moves through music
through songs that inspire
through words lifting hearts
and taking us higher
like a good rain
washes the world clean
the gospel takes the scales from our eyes
while the riches of God it leaves

to everyone
around the world
to every land
and every flag unfurled
till the people all know
that Jesus died but now lives
we’ll share the precious gospel
just like our savior did

© Joel Tipple

The Road To Healing


God, we know you’re knocking.
Still, families are falling.
A dad’s afraid to say what he thinks.
A mom’s sure she’ll lose it if she doesn’t get a drink.
A daughter thinks the answer is a wedding ring.
A son thinks life’s a game… and he hopes he’s winning.
The television blares on,
and too few hear the door.

All journeys to healing begin
with one human being earnestly praying.
He heals families
one person at a time.
His desire is to rescue
and mend our broken hearts.
He throws hope to the hopeless
with a life line.

On the road to healing
God brings us together.
Building a body
from the ashes of the fallen.
He reveals beauty
where one could hardly find it.
Will we
all apart,
all a part in?

© Joel Tipple

Coming Home

This is not how the story ends,
not with you wandering.
It’s time to give the pen
back to the author of life.
Remember where you’ve been
and know where you’re going.
Come home to Jesus
and answer your heart cry.

There’s a melody that’s been playing
softly for some time now.
It used to be distant and weak
but now it’s getting louder
so you turn your attention to the conductor,
As he stretches out his hands
the music swells in response.

Answer the call.
You’ve heard Jesus calling.
Your story doesn’t end with you alone;
you’re coming home.

Can he redeem the years
you spent running,
when you were
a leaf set adrift from the tree,
a fish out of school?
Can you really start again,
or are you just hoping?
Well remember,
if he used Peter,
he can use you too.

You’ve answered the call now,
the adventure he intended
waits for you to step into
the book it’s in.
How many chapters are left?
Only God knows.
Rest assured he’s bigger
than any mountain.

© Joel Tipple

Between Mundane And Disaster

Much of our lives we spend
avoiding life’s extremes.
In one compass swing
in the other,
We hope our hearts are strong enough
to live in between.

We search, often aimlessly,
avoiding the extremes.
We hope to endure,
just wishing life would bring
something better.

There’s a way to thrive,
to bring those hands we’ve used to push away
out to the world that needs us,
to our hearts,
and up to our God who wants to be
our life supply.

It’s alright not to completely understand,
with uncertainty to live.
It’s okay that you don’t know every answer
or all of God’s plan.
That’s a lot of what faith is.

Your life can be more than just existing
between mundane and disaster,
beyond dreary or the crushing of your stars.
The transforming power of the Holy Spirit
will enable you to see how far
if you only believe.

© Joel Tipple