(Sometimes you just need a break)

I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.
Psalm  3:5

Sometimes I need some rest,
I expect like all the rest.
Critters too, go ahead and ask my dog.
It’s the way we all were made
and if you don’t have enough shade,
it can shorten your running time even more.

Do yourself a favor,
favor folks like the Psalmist,
who saw the wisdom
in hittin’ the hay.
He’s got stuff for you to do,
so respect the time he’s giving you
instead of being in a hurry to your grave.

A third stanza was required
since we found ourselves mired
in such a gravely serious place.
So practical matters pressing,
when for the night you’re undressing,
remember to brush your teeth
and wash your face.

Peace, out.

© Joel Tipple 11/4/2018

Allergic Reaction

Sandra walked into the living room, where her mother was relaxing in a corner chair, reading. “Mom, what’s up with Dad?” she asked. Looking up, Sandra’s mother replied, “Why do you ask, Sandra?” “Well, he’s at his desk, writing. He seems upset.” “Oh, he’s fine. It’s probably just his allergies,” she replied, the corners of her mouth turned up a little. Sandra drew her eyes together in a frown. “What’s he allergic to?” At this her mother’s smile broadened and she chuckled before answering… “Your father says he’s allergic to ‘happy… and sad.'” she replied.

©Joel Tipple

Experimental Theater


Hey Harrison, how would you like to come over and sign my cast?

Your cast? What happened, Marti? Did you break something?

Nah, I’m doing experimental theater and everyone agreed to let a stranger write on them. You game?

Sounds pretty weird, but I guess it’s okay. 

Cool! Hey, have you ever used a tattoo gun?

© Joel Tipple