Family Christmas

Just like Jesus, when I was born I was the youngest in my family. Okay, Jesus was the oldest too, but that’s because he was the first. A mere technicality. Me? I was actually fourth, and last in line. Then, since my parents were convinced they couldn’t do any better, they quit. That’s one version. […]

Good Morning!

Good morning new day I’m glad you’re here Been expecting you since last night couldn’t wait to see you here already new life up with the sun on the other side of the clouds now it’s time to run It used to be I barely could face another day but now that we have met […]

Missing Heartbeats

One fifteen thousand times a day, your heart was born to beat that way. Jesus died for you and he rose again, abundant life is now yours and freedom from sin. The joy that you’ll feel will make your heart skip some beats, now you’re free from that Adam disease. If it seems I’m missing […]