Proofread Drew Swingletree


Writers have to battle
putting words on paper
to prove we’re astute.
So each time we sit and write
we offer up proof, and proofreaders
offer up judgement.

Then there are the artists
who like to draw, and when they’re done
they’ll show you what they drew.
As with words, the form and function
their art takes is something they are
quite willing to show you.

Now these days there isn’t nearly the need
for that wonderful word, swingletree.
But what a joyous exciting name for the wooden bar
that helps balance the pull of steeds.

So that closes accounts for this week’s Dictionary Roulette.
It’ll be back next week, unless I miss my guess.

© Joel Tipple

Convivial Hot Spot Privity

Flowers42008 009

For the world at large
or the world at small
convivial places are not so common
as we all
would like them to be,
though the patrons of corner watering holes would
beg to differ.

We read
or see
or hear about
nations at war with their own people,
hot spots,
where shifting political and financial fortunes
leave a few men in dubious authority while families seek in vain
for solid ground.

Is our future so bleak as the daily news would lead us to believe?
Would the privities shared between a few power brokers determine our future?
Is there another way to live that circumvents
the schemes of morally bereft leaders?

We have a representative who truly advocates for us.
He proved His moral authority and leadership by His literal sacrifice on our behalf.
Jesus Christ has already fought and won our battles for us.

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses. Instead, we have one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet he never sinned.
Hebrews 4:15 International Standard Version (ISV)

© Joel Tipple

Nomad Life Cycle Bust

if nomads are peaceful?
Or do they defy
their name?
Is their life cycle
the typical boom or bust type
as new frontiers they tame?
Do they consider a home not a thing to be sought,
or do they carry it with?
Although certainly roots could be entangling,
I’ve difficulty believing it bliss.
Perhaps the bug has not sought me.
I’ve never felt its bite.
For now with my family
I much prefer home
to the nomad’s wandering life.

© Joel Tipple

Male Chauvinist Eidetic Reprobate


Anyone doubting the fall of man,
or the monkey wrench that Adam
tossed into God’s plan
need only spend time in the brain
of a guy.

Any guy,
just any average bloke,
beyond the age of puberty,
that’s when we are smote.
Brought low we all are,
though desire is natural,
enough being enough
just doesn’t seem quite factual.

At some point all men
act the part of male chauvinists
so objectification becomes ordinariness.
Our eidetic brains compile images
of female parts
and rate them as though for
elaborate charts.

Reprobates all, constant prayer and focus
on God’s will for our minds must be our locus.
It’s not easy, challenging habits ingrained,
not impossible, but worthwhile, taking some pains.
Viewing all women,
at all times
as not objects,
but our sisters, mothers,
aunts, and friends,
worthy of love in its highest form…
and respect.

© Joel Tipple

(Note: Dictionary roulette words are entirely chosen at random, really!)

Crepuscular Countercurrent Philosophy


with countercurrent emotional pain
find their hair in retreat
and their nerves inflamed
while their own
dash for

Ed. note… “Dictionary Roulette” entrees take three randomly
chosen words from the dictionary to be used as key ingredients
for a poem.

Persistence, Realization, and Horse Sense




to the realization

through hard work

and persistence

that there is nothing

altogether common

about what is generally known

as horse sense.

Whether the topic

is children

or far east policy

or angels

or indeed, horses

nothing short of enthusiastic

application of curiosity and desire

will spell the difference

in success or failure

of the courses.

debacle loan hypocrisy

stuff13 027

When he said
I just want to be a loan,
They mistakenly thought
he intended
but really
he wanted to share
anything within
him worthy

She felt so defeated
by her inability to finish school
she referred to the whole episode
as her debacle-laureate.

The two “hippos” stood in line
hoping their vet had taken a “hippo-cratic
was up on his shots himself
so as not to be filled
with hypocrisy.