Not My Idea

It wasn’t my idea that water come in raindrops.
They aren’t very convenient and arrive unannounced.
The weather person gives his best guess when I turn on my television,
but if a butterfly does a barrel roll
all bets are off.

It’s an unpredictable world
and thank God for it.
It’s an unpredictable world
though we think we can.
It’s an unpredictable world
and I trust Him,
though I’m not always in on the divine plan.

Avoid tainted water.
Avoid declassified ads.
Avoid mono-sodium glutimawhatzit.
Now doesn’t that last sound awful bad?
Are we to avoid negative ions?
Or are the positive ones what we should fear?
It’s no wonder some folks just check out and have a beer.

But even though…
It’s an unpredictable world
with its bulging waistline,
and earthquakes and storms and huge floods,
I’ve got faith that even if I don’t, God has this,
so I continue to pray and worship and trust.
It’s an unpredictable world, but that’s okay.
God knows whats going on.
God, I trust.

© Joel Tipple

When Doves Cry


I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often
since my front yard is bird grand central.
Our two living room windows present bird views
almost worthy of a bill.

Now I have to say I’ve seen
quite a few irresponsible doves.
So for what I have to say,
I’ve nothing but love…

They dive and swoop and chase
in their fun loving
merry making haste.
I will say since I feed them quite liberally
I have some part in the incident,
so there’s my disclosure fully.

Yesterday, one of the doves
in the midst of a very swift swoop,
tried to go through my not open window without stopping.
You could call the move a closed barrel loop.

Now you would assume the bird was shaken.
That it’s okay I hope I’m not mistaken.
But it did leave a signature imprint on my glass.
I’m going to leave the mark there
so others will know
through not to pass.

© Joel Tipple


It’s no surprise, Lord,
that men can spend their lifetime in search…
of what?
they do not know.
Without a relationship
with the one true God
they start out with a deadly blow.

You are the center.
You are the creator.
Without You to follow
my voice would ring hollow.
The sound would fall lifeless
to the floor.

It should go without saying
that man would be done for
if he tried to replace the author
of the universe.

© Joel Tipple

The Stones Will Cry Out


Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Him, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!”
Luke 19:39-40

No wonder my heart feels drawn to you, God.
All your creation speaks its love for you
and the devastation separation from you would cause
We are your own.

So I run to you
in the morning.
Open your word
to see what you would say.
I would present myself, God,
as one approved.
This is my heart’s desire.

© Joel Tipple

Not Such a Bad Idea?

Imagine our cars
Just like Wonder Woman’s jet.
All those anonymous travelers,
those people you haven’t yet met,
were visible and seemingly vulnerable.
Would you act the same?

How about then reducing the speed?
Let’s say 45.
Would we have time to see the country
and more likely stay alive?
Would we miss the animals
that so often get in our way?
I wonder what else we would notice
at that much less hectic pace?

What if we had to stop,
say every five miles?
What if we talked to our fellow travelers,
and passed pleasantries for a while?
I know this all sounds like a fools paradise
and you’ve got places to go.
But if we all slowed down and really looked at each other more,
I believe in some valuable ways we’d grow.

© Joel Tipple



sometimes when i take the time to be quiet
i feel as though i could float all day
stopping by each of the world’s beaches
to steal a few moments of play
at some point for far too many
growing up and old means we stop
enjoying those breaks
in between oceans of work
and perfecting our frown all day
people notice
in case you hadn’t
whether you don’t smile
or if you do
so pay attention
find a way
to make life fun
even if
fun is new to you

© Joel Tipple

Male Chauvinist Eidetic Reprobate


Anyone doubting the fall of man,
or the monkey wrench that Adam
tossed into God’s plan
need only spend time in the brain
of a guy.

Any guy,
just any average bloke,
beyond the age of puberty,
that’s when we are smote.
Brought low we all are,
though desire is natural,
enough being enough
just doesn’t seem quite factual.

At some point all men
act the part of male chauvinists
so objectification becomes ordinariness.
Our eidetic brains compile images
of female parts
and rate them as though for
elaborate charts.

Reprobates all, constant prayer and focus
on God’s will for our minds must be our locus.
It’s not easy, challenging habits ingrained,
not impossible, but worthwhile, taking some pains.
Viewing all women,
at all times
as not objects,
but our sisters, mothers,
aunts, and friends,
worthy of love in its highest form…
and respect.

© Joel Tipple

(Note: Dictionary roulette words are entirely chosen at random, really!)

A Yard of Adventure


In my yard
for I am six
is great adventure
sailing ships
full of ants
oh so brave
who cling to life rafts
made of eggs
flower borders
with bits of glass
from castles broken
many years past
this bit belonged
to a maiden fair
perhaps she held
this bit there
a cup for tea
passed round and shared
next put on cloak
you’re Robin Hood
chased by the Sheriff
but you’re too good
hidden in
your grove of trees
with your men
a family
adventures many
like books you’ve read
then Mom calls
and it’s time
for dinner
more books