Stay With Me

(Getting through long nights with the ones you love) Stay with me, through the night and not knowing, when the dark is more than what we see. Hold me close, when familiar is chaos and our headlights can’t cut through the smoke. I’m afraid my faith might not be enough and I haven’t walked this […]

Grief Hue

If grief you’re a color then I’m learning to live with hue and my mirror presents a new shade each day I may wake up to red then go to bed with blue fighting to stay alive and chasing away the grey God grant me perspective as the portrait’s painted trusting your hand to guide […]


I am some of all those I’ve ever met a reflection of the worst a mirror of the best forever changed when our paths crossed they created a new road God knows the destination and the story to be told ©Joel Tipple #4/15

This Accidental Earth

This accidental earth, who would have imagined? This fortuitous birth, No intelligence planned it? Just think of the biological speed dating required! This accidental earth, no, not an accident. Science can take us far, but its explanation falls short of the spark. This purposed earth, this oasis of birth, God’s creation, served. As caretakers, we’ve […]