Joyful Service


Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!
Psalm 100:2 ESV

Sweet Lord, my king,
of your truth and mercy I will sing.
From the moment I awake
until my eyes close at night
I will praise you.

I will write of your loving-kindness, Father.
The sun does not shine without you.
The rain doesn’t fall
and the earth is not nourished.

Joy flows within me
like salvation’s river.
Your praises I sing,
and I can barely contain.
Heaven’s music rings,
and my walk with you
is not in vain.
No, never in vain.

© Joel Tipple

Intercession of the Spirit


We do not know what we should pray for as we ought,
but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us
with groanings which cannot be uttered —Romans 8:26

Thank you Holy Spirit for Your work in me,
praying for me in ways too high for me to understand.
I keep my body a temple for You, while you intercede
for me in accordance with God’s plan.

Heaven on earth may not seem possible
due to our earthly circumstance,
but we have an advocate in the Spirit of God
so we are never left to chance.

© Joel Tipple

Why I Write (the short version)

I don’t always know what to say.
Sometimes the
just sort of
fall out.
I don’t know what
I really think
I write it.
And yet
for a long time
I resisted
exercising my voice
and vision.
I’ve given up
wasting energy
fighting it.
that’s a good thing.

© Joel Tipple


Light brakes
striking the earth at its speed

revealing a million surfaces
clothed in a revelation
too bright
this glittering sight

inside I carefully replace the blind
but some light leaks in
where the corner bends
and the room’s transformed
from the night

then brighter bright
faceted light
moves quickly left and right

day begins
where night has been
the sun’s great sight
moves dark aside

till memory is light
and recedes to night
to hold warm tight
under covers till light
comes again

© Joel Tipple

(Originally published 8:03 7-18-13 Edited 15:08)

In the Shadow of Your Wings.


6 When I remember You
on my bed,
I meditate on You in the
night watches,
7 For you have been my
And in the shadow of
Your wings I sing for
Psalm 63:6-7

In the shadow of your wings, Lord
I am strengthened.
In the shadow of your wings
dread runs away.

In the shadow of your wings
the enemy’s arrows cannot harm me.

In the shadow of your wings
my foe’s
force of onslaught
matters not.
Let your angels’ army
seize the day.

Can you top that?


Humans are an interesting lot. In the animal world the various species have a built in communications system that regulates behavior, such as movement within territories and the proper status of members. Often, the proper interpretation of signals such as these will mean the difference between life and death, in essence, providing pretty good reinforcement of standards. While people are able to live peaceably together most of the time, the sheer volume of differing standards and communication styles can lead to issues the rest of the animal world just doesn’t have to deal with. Take a typical conversation, for instance. One of the keys to a pleasant conversation, i.e. one that does not conclude with any sort of violence, and in which both parties are able to exchange information, is “relatability.” This is a fairly modern word, perhaps made necessary by the world of politics, in which a fast exchange of information which portrays the contender in a positive light is vital. If I relate well to you in a conversation, I’m able to listen to what you say, while also paying attention to non-verbal cues, and then return information given the context you’ve provided. A good conversation is a lot like playing tennis with a friend you’ve known for a long time. There’s no pressure to hit the ball back with force, or put it somewhere hard to reach. The opposite is actually the goal. You just enjoy hitting the ball back and forth. The conversation faux pas (French for “false step”) I want to touch on is commonly referred to as “one-upmanship.” While it is helpful to take in what the other person says and try to relate their experience to one of yours, it is most often frustrating if you actually try to come up with a similar experience that “tops” that of the other person. I hope you haven’t been that person, but more than likely we’ve all done this, whether or not we intended to. Have in the back of your mind when you’re talking to someone that not every conversation has to have a winner and a loser. If you employ this style, you may find those very conversations becoming fewer and fewer.

Liquidate Counterclockwise Security


The rules for dictionary roulette (as I see them) are that you must use each word in a stanza of your poem.
Here goes.

John was quite the charmer,
as many ladies met their fate.
He was so smooth they would melt,
and so become liquidates.

I keep a clock on the counter;
I’m one of those timely guys.
It’s the smart thing to do;
I must be counterclockwise.

My teas are expensive,
imported from overseas.
I keep them safely locked up,
they’re securities.