Mud Puddles

from the time I was younger than three I sought them out with glee the watery dirty depths of a mud puddle step did so much to satisfy me   and later, ‘round the time of eight I’d stop somewhere short of the grate ahead of my siblings with their gleaming white shoe strings and […]

Heavy Hearts

Heavy hearts. Loads we cannot seem to carry and don’t know exactly how to put away.  Heavy hearts.  Grief so infinite, our very bones begin to groan while our bodies start to sway.  What do we do with the weight? And there are times to weep with those who are weeping just as we would […]


i wonder if the robin who has landed in my yard thinks the best worms are to be found here thinks you know their bouquet is rarely excelled not even by the ones in the big field with the oak i wonder if he cocks his head and briefly looks at his reflection in a […]

time’s money

if our table lamps shone money and our pocketbooks held time I’d not presume what’s mine is yours or even what’s yours is mine but should your lamp spend less brightly or a hole in your wallet lose time you’re not to fret or worry always i’ll ensure you’re fine © Joel Clayton Tipple and, […]