The Refrigerator


I’m uncertain whether the rest of the world
shows such an affinity for display
of so many wide ranging items as we Americans
on our refrigerators today.
I’m sure there are many
which are so organized that they
surely represent a family
with all its ducks in a row
at work
and even at play.

Then there are cold boxes such as ours
with a mish-mash of photos and art
that depict both young children
and adults that merely seem young
though not physically,
maybe at heart.
There’s odes to procrastination
like a gift certificate half used
with paper
now yellowed
and just a little abused.
There are photos of children in school
and with their families at Christmas.
There are x-rays of bones broken
several presidential administrations
past. There are coupons put up
with good intentions and recipes for food
I’ve a mind to clean it all,
to make the fridg. look right.
I just hope I don’t lose something
important like an Eisenhower
presidential election ball invite.

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