Completely Entirely Exactly


Complete: 1. Having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire: a complete meal.
Entire: 1. Having no part excluded or left out; whole: I read the entire book.
Exact: 1. Strictly and completely in accord with fact; not deviating from truth or reality: an exact account; an exact replica; your exact words.

When your standard is
to be complete
that’s all the stuff
on the blueprint sheet
well, to be most plain
and to get to the meat
most simply put, complete
is all and all is complete.

Then the other day I received a wire
and if you must know the subject was
the lyre. It’s music is melodious,
its aficionados stuforious
I’m stuck in this story and I’m not
often a crier, but I must hear it all
and by that I mean entire.

Now I know what you’re thinking
I’ll try to say with tact
this is not what I did before in Vegas
it’s not an ex act. You just can’t have any
errors and by that I mean exact.