Cleaning Up


It’s hard to know what to watch
on television.
Well no, I admit, not really.
Turning it off solves a lot of the problem,
and to tell the truth
so much of it is silly.
But if you want to keep what you view clean
use our time tested patented scheme.
Hire a specialist to assist in keeping the dirt off your tube.
We call ours “Maid for TV.”

She sits in a chair
in the corner of our living room
and when she spies something unsuitable
she moves her thumb into position
and makes a decision most immutable.

She marks whatever it was as trash taken out
before I can utter so much as a shout.
There’s so much of little use,
broadcast these days
that she’s asking for inordinate pay.
So we’re considering unplugging the TV
and sending her on vacation, since it’s
getting so hard to find a clean station.

Now, she’s been gone for some time
and all the while we have snacked
We’ve raided the cupboard and frig so,
our food pyramid is whack.

Soooo… Genius!

Since our Maid for TV
helped us trade it for a book
We’ll trade all our junk food
for a Maid for TV cook!

© Joel Tipple