12 thoughts on “Opaque

  1. Hold on, now! What am I paying you for if you’re not going give me an option? You did get the check, right? 😉 Okay Ms Editor, I’ll figure something out. Okay, how’s the last line now? You were right. The last line fell flat before. Must’ve taken it out of the oven too early. Hah!

      1. That must have been it. Hey! I like the alternate spelling for check. As an American, would I be considered more sophisticated if I adopted the Canadian convention? How do you like the change I made to the other poem?

      2. As for check & cheque. I’m not sure your fellow Americans will be amused. The American way is the RIGHT way, isn’t it?

        If you really want class, leave off the North American “four-lane highways” with their median strip between and go with the British “dual carriageways” with their “central reservations”. See what reaction you get. 😉

        As to editing your poems, I guess I’m just in that mood tonight. I spent part of the day editing my bio and the blurb for my upcoming book and I’m still waving my scissors around, ready to tackle anything that wiggles.

      1. I’m just using you as the clearing house for any other critiques I receive so it doesn’t matter how many I get.

        I think I’ll attach your check to the next mule train going your way. I’m not sure how long that will take. Do you suppose they’ll give me a tracking number?

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