Proofread Drew Swingletree


Writers have to battle
putting words on paper
to prove we’re astute.
So each time we sit and write
we offer up proof, and proofreaders
offer up judgement.

Then there are the artists
who like to draw, and when they’re done
they’ll show you what they drew.
As with words, the form and function
their art takes is something they are
quite willing to show you.

Now these days there isn’t nearly the need
for that wonderful word, swingletree.
But what a joyous exciting name for the wooden bar
that helps balance the pull of steeds.

So that closes accounts for this week’s Dictionary Roulette.
It’ll be back next week, unless I miss my guess.

© Joel Tipple

3 thoughts on “Proofread Drew Swingletree

  1. Your “swingletree” got me to wondering what a whippletree is. According to the dictionary, it’s the same thing.
    I suppose if you stretched it a bit, you could illustrate the co-working between a writer and his editor(s) as a swingletree. Together they move the writing project ahead, keeping each other in line.

    1. I love this word. It just sounds fun. The other meaning is some sort of wooden mallet used for beating flax, but that wasn’t as interesting. Yes, that illustration would work well.

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