Not Such a Bad Idea?

Imagine our cars
Just like Wonder Woman’s jet.
All those anonymous travelers,
those people you haven’t yet met,
were visible and seemingly vulnerable.
Would you act the same?

How about then reducing the speed?
Let’s say 45.
Would we have time to see the country
and more likely stay alive?
Would we miss the animals
that so often get in our way?
I wonder what else we would notice
at that much less hectic pace?

What if we had to stop,
say every five miles?
What if we talked to our fellow travelers,
and passed pleasantries for a while?
I know this all sounds like a fools paradise
and you’ve got places to go.
But if we all slowed down and really looked at each other more,
I believe in some valuable ways we’d grow.

© Joel Tipple

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