Fast walk
slow walk
quick around the block walk
stretch walk
sleep walk?
not recommended

shop n walk
can we talk?
strap on some tunes n walk
more fun if you rock walk
read while you walk?
probably not

stare up at the sky walk
watch out for the other guy walk!
pray and walk
sigh walk
river walk
streaming video walk
bring soap and shower while you walk?

ocean walk
forest walk
branch out and travel walk
crock while you walk
download while you walk
wash while you walk
or dry while you walk
don’t prance while you walk
maybe dance while you walk
pick a flower while you walk
avoid those cracks while you walk!
trim your nails while you walk?
are you kidding?

take your mate and walk
kid around while you walk
grand-kid around while you walk
love while you walk
keep it clean while you walk!
don’t be mean while you walk
or obscene while you walk
dream walk
but with eyes open walk
just walk!

© Joel Tipple

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