Airline Economy


I’m giving up on the airlines
my travel weary buddy said.
They charge you extra for every little thing,
even laying bets
on whether you might land
or weather you might not
if a lightning storm
or storm of birds
got caught in your prop.
And they charge you for a pillow
or a blanket to cover you up.
Let’s not even talk about
what they charge you for your sup.
It’s really getting quite silly,
the degree of financial damage.
Don’t tell the attendant you’re unhappy,
or she’ll charge you for emotional baggage.
You can try to avoid it,
but most of your funds will still be shed.
I once flew economy
and landed $17 trillion in debt.

© Joel Tipple

2 thoughts on “Airline Economy

    1. A lot of times when I have a humorous poem idea, it starts with one line that I build out from. That was the line. 🙂

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