If you work at it…


If you work at it hard enough
you can find seven things wrong with you
at the expense of the one thing that’s right.

If you commit thoroughly to the cause
you’ll ignore that encouraging word
and instead find a way to start a fight.

If you just devote yourself
you can undermine the faith
someone dear helped you find.

With focused effort you can avoid
seeing the strengths God gave you
because it’s easier to remain blind.

You can put in the work to be amazing
or you can work just as hard to be not.
God uses those you might least expect
when they say yes to what they’ve got.

© Joel Tipple

2 thoughts on “If you work at it…

    1. Thanks. We talk a lot about the power of positive thinking, but the obverse is also significant. We have incredible negative power contained within the world of our mind, and this is true whether we are contending with a mental illness or not.

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