There are those who beat the air with their fists,
expressing impotent rage,
those who continually fight the past
unwilling to turn the page.

Some fight poverty.
Some fight from prison.
Some fight without
a single friend in the stands,
still focused on their vision.

Some fight their waist.
Some fight to lay waste.
Some fight waste.

Some fight to be heard
Some fight the herd
Some fight to fight
then later demur.

Some fight their image.
Some fight their reflection.
Some fight the man in the mirror,
always risking rejection.

Some fight for God.
Taking pains to be broken.
Some fight apathy
and for those whose words are unheard or unspoken.

There will always be a fight
for those who don’t want to live asleep,
those who believe in the words of Jesus
and promises to keep.

© Joel Tipple