Junk Drawers for Jesus

If all God did was clean
then leave us
like a sanitary room
if all we became as followers
was clutter-less
and germ-free too…

If all we became was
never questioning?
static statues
what good would that do?

Like the junk drawers we all have
full of we don’t know what to do
disorganized and hidden
from view
mystery boxes
we have been bought with a great price
to be renewed.

Do we dare believe
in redemption?
Can God through even us
bring light to the world?
So different
yet so the same
struggling against our sinful will.

As new creatures
redeemed and repurposed
God sorts through all we have and are
when all we felt was lost.
As this miracle transforms us
each the same and yet unique
our rough edges and hidden aspects
are made new by the King.

© Joel Tipple

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