Allergic Reaction

Sandra walked into the living room, where her mother was relaxing in a corner chair, reading. “Mom, what’s up with Dad?” she asked. Looking up, Sandra’s mother replied, “Why do you ask, Sandra?” “Well, he’s at his desk, writing. He seems upset.” “Oh, he’s fine. It’s probably just his allergies,” she replied, the corners of her mouth turned up a little. Sandra drew her eyes together in a frown. “What’s he allergic to?” At this her mother’s smile broadened and she chuckled before answering… “Your father says he’s allergic to ‘happy… and sad.'” she replied.

©Joel Tipple

4 thoughts on “Allergic Reaction

    1. Both. He’s just one of those people who cries when he feels a strong emotion, i.e happy or sad. He blames the tears on his allergies, so he’s allergic to happy and sad.

      1. Okay–it all makes sense now with this explanation.

        My first thought was that he’s “allergic to” (i.e. strongly dislikes) people using the expressions “I’m so happy” and “I’m so sad” and he’s writing complaints to someone about it. Yet the mother was chuckling so I was stumped.

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