What If Wonderful?


Remember when you were young

and with the car window rolled down

your hand could fly in the jet stream

almost breaking sound?

God gave you imagination

to see more than with your eyes.

So if a still small voice is saying so,

maybe you should fly.

What if wonderful?

It’s more than just a word.

What if God’s best you rehearsed?

What if fantastic and amazing occupied your mind

instead of just existing,

getting by.

What if wonderful?

Think beyond the tried, it’s true,

you won’t always know how the Lord can use you

until you step out.

What if wonderful?

Not just another day.

What if amazing? A highlight reel play.

Jesus lives in you, if you believe.

He wants the best for you, so conceive.

Build something

with your two hands.

Make reality

out of your plans.

Write a book,

or paint a scene.

Give arms, legs and a brain to your dreams.

What if wonderful?

Don’t let lack of trying

make you set your goals aside,

and don’t ever let dream breakers

cut your imagination down to their size.

What if wonderful?

Ask questions of your direction;

do you have one?

Or are you adrift, without oars?

Have you sought God’s will for your journey?

Without his direction you’ll surely drift off course

and miss the wonderful.

What if exciting? Life lived to the fullest.

What if energy infused your walk?

What if every day, or at least most

it matched your talk?

What if wonderful?

What if you started each day, seeking God’s face,

expectant and childlike, no matter your age?

What if the most high God, full of justice and grace,

were to mold you?

What if now?

What if astonishing?

What if wonderful?

©Joel Tipple

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