Grief Hue


If grief you’re a color
then I’m learning to live with hue
and my mirror presents
a new shade
each day

I may wake up to red
go to bed with blue
to stay alive
and chasing
away the grey

God grant me perspective
as the portrait’s painted
trusting your hand to guide
since I can’t see it finished

your brush and palette make me
the colors become me

I continue feeling forward
with faith
I continue feeling forward
with faith
You God, see the end and its beauty
so I go on feeling forward
with faith

©Joel Tipple

2 thoughts on “Grief Hue

    1. Thank you, Christine. I think this is more born out of inspiration, although it might be a response to what friends have been going through recently. I tend to catch those feelings, relate them to my own, and subsequently need an outlet. I’ve been thinking a lot about how our experiences mold us, change us, color us.

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