in my backyard

Photo by Urban Wall Art & Murals
Photo by Urban Wall Art & Murals

in my backyard
army men
fought their battles
with plastic guns
and melted crayolas

an old aquarium
with a handful of tadpoles
from the ditch
grew legs and hopped away
couldn’t say which
way they went

the sandbox
shared by the cat
how I lived through
the germs that
i played in
i don’t know

the old barn
seemed huge
and dark beyond measure
smelling of old wood and hay
and ancient treasure

the coins a friend
and i buried
in a box we carried
up the hill
someday maybe they’ll
find it and wonder

days lasted forever
the future was far away
time to ponder that later
for a boy in the country
a whole world ago

© Joel Tipple

A Yard of Adventure


In my yard
for I am six
is great adventure
sailing ships
full of ants
oh so brave
who cling to life rafts
made of eggs
flower borders
with bits of glass
from castles broken
many years past
this bit belonged
to a maiden fair
perhaps she held
this bit there
a cup for tea
passed round and shared
next put on cloak
you’re Robin Hood
chased by the Sheriff
but you’re too good
hidden in
your grove of trees
with your men
a family
adventures many
like books you’ve read
then Mom calls
and it’s time
for dinner
more books