Christmas Sails

Christmas sails on,
another season blows through,
at breakneck speed
we rush
into and out of it.
We gather ourselves,
brush off bits of wrapping paper
and fir needles,
then begin the focus
on rest and recovery
until the next one.
Always an opportunity for growth,
and trying to focus on Jesus the most.
It seems with humans nothing is worth doing
unless it’s overdone.
But still, amid the fun,
God, we remembered Your Son…
was the reason.

© Joel Tipple



When you see the biggest waterfall
you’ve ever seen, and its size and noise transports you to somewhere amazing…
When you endure discomfort and put forth more effort than you thought you could,
and finish the race, because you said you would…
When the young lady you respect and love says she loves you too
and wants to spend her life with you…
That’s what it is to ask God to please use your gift to make a real impact for Him
and for Him to make that dream come true. It really is

© Joel Tipple