Ordinary Times


It’s difficult to accept
that it’s easier
to serve God when people are looking.
What chef, for instance, doesn’t want diners
to know who is cooking
that wonderful meal.
But it’s the ordinary times,
the every day times,
the I won’t get anything
tangible from anyone
who can do anything for me times,
that count most.

© Joel Tipple

Most Days


Most days when I wake up
and begin the routine,
bleary eyes taking in
a familiar scene,
I start the ball rolling
just the way I should
but life isn’t as smooth
as I think it

A lot of days are bigger than me,
I admit.
Okay, most,
okay, all.
I need a little of me,
but much more of Him,
because Jesus is there to catch me
when I fall.

Did you ever wake up feeling like
the loser of a bet?
It’s only the beginning of the day
but you feel like a horse
put away wet.

I’ve never been much
for the sound of retired.
When I’m done being tired,
I’ll have had enough of that.

I need energy to live
through this world to beyond
where I’ll get to sing the rest of the song
and know
all of its meaning.
But that doesn’t come without dropping
the idea my strength is enough.
I’m good with knowing
on You
I’ll be leaning.