Releasing Life

There’s a seed in a forest,
and it’s waiting for a fire,
to release the life within
and tell a story.

A renewal story.

There’s a man in a city.
There’s a child in the hills.
There’s a woman in the suburbs,
all challenged by the ills
of the world.

Each one has a story.

Now fire can take
and it can destroy
cities, towns, and people.
It can take it all
when destruction’s not expected.
But there’s a fire that God can send into your life
that somehow mends it.

So if you’re the seed that’s left under the ashes
after the fire has swept through,
let God nourish the life that’s now awakened.
The world will watch what Jesus does for you…
after the fire.

© Joel Tipple 10/14/2018

Fall Up and Down


With just a suggestion
of winter to come,
the yearly dance of dark and light
called autumn has begun.

While we prepare to enjoy the dance,
sipping some tart warm cider,
with as much anticipation as need
we carefully light the first fires.

Orange and black and candy for sacks,
celebrations of bounty,
hours of daylight
to save their might,
begin to turn in early.

Autumn is excited for the holidays to begin
but for now
she is content,
for anticipation is made all the sweeter
when time arrives as its hour is meant.

© Joel Tipple