The Body


God, do you need me?
I’ve been wondering lately.
I’ve read I have a part to play,
but it just isn’t clear to me.

Trust in me, child. The body needs you.
If you listen and obey, I’ll show you how I choose.
The vision won’t seem clear, not certain from the start,
but a plant of faith has taken root in the soil of your heart.

But what about my limitations?
God, you don’t even know!
If I don’t have faith in me, how can you tell me it’s so?
That I can be of some use in the body of Christ?
Are you sure I’m not just a broken device?

Pick up your bible, child.
Read of great women and men.
They often failed at the beginning, but achieved great ends.
Then look closely at the other folks who were used in support.
Without them the endings would be quite different sorts.

Stepping out now, I choose to move and serve.
If I just take without giving, it’s his body I hurt.
God already chose me, the plan in place from the start.
It’s not all clear to me yet, but I can see the better part.

© Joel Tipple

Intercession of the Spirit


We do not know what we should pray for as we ought,
but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us
with groanings which cannot be uttered —Romans 8:26

Thank you Holy Spirit for Your work in me,
praying for me in ways too high for me to understand.
I keep my body a temple for You, while you intercede
for me in accordance with God’s plan.

Heaven on earth may not seem possible
due to our earthly circumstance,
but we have an advocate in the Spirit of God
so we are never left to chance.

© Joel Tipple


begin; start.
“his design team commenced work”
synonyms: begin, start; get the ball rolling, get going, get underway, get off the ground, set about, embark on, launch into, lead off; open, initiate, inaugurate; informal kick off, get the show on the road
“the meeting will commence at noon”

I wonder if God has ever looked at onions and people and considered whether he got the two of us mixed up somehow when we were created. There are so many layers to go through to get to the heart of us. I suppose for some Christians, soon after the alter call, however it manifests itself, there is an immediate jump into the deep water. All or nothing. They choose all. Then, there are the rest of us. A big toe in. A jump back. A foot in. A jump back. And so it goes. I don’t think many Christians dedicate their lives to Christ and then make the conscious decision to be mediocre followers. They just keep fighting surrender to the Holy Spirit indwelling them and becoming the prime motivating factor in their daily actions. Like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman when his drill sergeant, played by Louis Gossett Jr. is trying to get him to quit, we have to get to the point sooner or later that we cry, “I got nowhere else to go! I got nothin’ else!” When you do get to that point, however God gets you there, that’s when your walk with God really begins. As long as you’re hanging on to something else, as long as you have somewhere else to go, a backup plan, you haven’t given Him everything. Don’t you think it’s time to begin? To commence?

© Joel Tipple