Do You See Me in Blue?

Just the other day we were talking about colors,
you know,
our favorites.
What we like.
What likes us.
it all just started kicking around in my mind again.
I want to know.
Do you see me in blue?
Do you see me in blue, like the ocean
on a calm day?
Or do I seem to blend in better
when the ocean is rough
and green?
Do you see me in blue,
like a river reflecting the sky?
Or am I more like the white of the same water sent through a steep corner, speeding?
I guess I’m not sure what it all means,
but either way,
whether or not you see me in blue,
I’ll still be wearing the jeans.

© Joel Tipple

God’s Show-offs


Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Luke 12:27 ESV

They’re just a bunch of show-offs,
a pretentious bunch with no modesty at all.
Given license to reveal,
with no incentive to conceal,
they come forth winter spring and summer,
even fall.

While plain hued plants are quite content
showing greens and browns for their rent,
flowers put petal to the metal all they can.
That it runs in the family is the truth,
and they yearly offer proof.
I’m bedding they continue with
scentsational demand.

© Joel Tipple

Green Granddaughter


This week I managed to go out three times cycling, twice to work, which is 15 miles away. Since my bike is part of my exercise plan and a way to save money on gas, I came home satisfied, though tired. As I came through the back door, I could hear my six-year-old granddaughter in the living room, so I went in to say hello.

Me: “Hey Cynthia, how was school?”
Cynthia: “Good. Hey Papa, why are you wearing that?”
Me: “These are my cycling clothes. I rode my bike three times this week. Isn’t that cool?”
Cynthia: “Yeah. Hey Grandma, Papa’s recycling!”

© Joel Tipple