“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

I’m a Christian. A reasonable response to that statement might be, “So what?” After all, what does the world outside the Christian church see as examples? Consider the Protestant church. There are so many to choose from. We’re protesting, all right. The problem is, everyone has a different idea about what it is we should […]


What does faith mean to you? For many, it may denote your religion, which box you check on the questionnaire. For some the issue is not something you want to share, so you might check the box which says, “refuse to state.” For others, faith is worn on the sleeve, something so powerful and all […]

Little One

A big world is contained in your little eyes, dreamer. Your crooked smile has me melting in your hand. If I had the best of this earth and what’s beyond it to give, you know I would. While you’re so young all you meet thinks you’re to die for. If I could protect you from […]

Mud Puddles

from the time I was younger than three I sought them out with glee the watery dirty depths of a mud puddle step did so much to satisfy me   and later, ‘round the time of eight I’d stop somewhere short of the grate ahead of my siblings with their gleaming white shoe strings and […]