Little One

A big world is contained in your little eyes, dreamer. Your crooked smile has me melting in your hand. If I had the best of this earth and what’s beyond it to give, you know I would. While you’re so young all you meet thinks you’re to die for. If I could protect you from their fickle ways, count me in. But life won’t always be easy, Little One. Cause Little One the road will at times be rocky, just like all the times when it is smooth. You know I’ve got your back, yeah I’ve got you, Little One. Among all the prayers that I am praying, is as you go that you will be so brave, to go through the storms… still trusting, Little One.

Can Little One play with me today? Oh, she’s sick? That’s too bad. I’ll pray for her before I go to sleep. Can I ask again tomorrow? I’m glad you guys moved here. I’ve got a big brother but he thinks I’m a baby. Little One likes the same stuff I do. Well, I’ve got to get home now. Tell her to get better, please.

Little One, the growing will get easier, with the exceptions of when it hurts, the learning will go smoother, except for those times when it doesn’t. The little boys in ways will stay little, but some of them will actually become men. If I can, I’ll show you the difference, older one.

Some say loving someone is like your heart walking around outside of you. Yet even though we know it’s a risk, we still dare. Even when we listen to God’s instruction, we know part of loving is risking pain. A poker player calls it “going all in,” and we do.

Little One someday you’ll be wiser, someone who is little too will look to you. You’ll be scared just like I was, Brave One. Share the load with someone who loves you and is willing to grow along with you and your Little One. Little One… Little One…

Jesus loves me, this I know
Joy to the world, all the boys and girls
I’ve got you, under my skin… I’ve got you, deep in the heart of me.

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