Jesus in my skin

Imagine what would it be like
if for one day Jesus posed as me?
What if the man that Jesus was
woke up in my skin?
Sitting down at my desk,
noting my schedule,
I wonder if He’d let it be
or see things to change…

who He’d see and what He’d buy,
what He’d clean or leave alone,
where He’d drive, how fast He’d go,
what He’d think
of the guy
going slow…

Halfway through the day,
holding my notebook,
would He pause to have a cup
and just assess?
Would He go straight ahead
with my appointments?
Or would He lay down for a nap,
some needed rest.

Then I wonder how He’d finish my day…
Would the world’s experience of me
be different that day?

Would they see the same kind of eyes?
Would they feel the same way
when I stopped and said hello?
Would Jesus walking
using my feet
seem very

Nearing the end of the day,
feeling my body is weary,
would Jesus
be more patient
with people I know
than I would?

Would He sit down and and write
some suggestions for me?
For instance:
Play with the dog more?
Talk with people more and less at them?
Stop and smell the flowers and pick one for my wife?
Would He submit that I need more time to read,
or maybe go to bed sooner,
and get up earlier too.

I have to wonder
what it would be like…
A day with Jesus
in my skin.

Thank you Max Lucado, for the inspiration.