It’s a Mystery

lilac 003

Lord, so much baffles and confuses us,
causes consternation and pain.
Much like acid rain,
we insist on short term gain
to our detriment.

It’s our right!
and it’s a mystery.

We got really good at making,
and then at selling,
then consuming.

China was impatient
to grow too,
and so they did.
Now in their cities
they hardly ever see the sun
or blue sky,
but they’re getting so much better
at building fancy cars.

It’s their right!
and it’s a mystery

You have yours
so I’ll have mine.
Let me manifest my destiny!
Don’t get between me
and my ocean.

When did wisdom become
a dirty word,
or a stumbling block
to progress?
When did the law
and justice
become enemies,
the first for revenue,
the latter
to symbolically appease.

Might may make right,
but all fists
grow old
and lose their grip
on fortune.

It’s giants’ rights,
and it’s a mystery.

Is it just my sore knees talking
or the explosions in the news?
Why are so many
willing to kill
to express their views?

I confess to being weary
with us,
the human race,
the evil
too easy to express.
Father, help me lift up my head.
I’m not strong enough
on my own to abide,
so help me with Your Word
to find peace inside,
and believe that this all
will pass away,
a new earth
will replace
this way.

Lord, help us learn to build
instead of tearing down.
Help us practice solutions
and build bridges.
Let us replace Facebook rants
and political hate
with better choices
and level voices.
Let us be the men and women
we admire.
Help us to be quiet enough
to hear you speaking.

Let the mystery of
why so many harm
become the mystery
of why so many heal.
With your grace,
help us be the ones
who reveal
Your love for human-kind
through Your death
and resurrection.

Thank you Lord,
for listening.

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