Food Impostors


I’ve come to the conclusion
after how many years has it been,
that the stuff I’ve been ingesting
with the very tiny print
and the multi-syllabic words
that read so scientific
might not be so good for me.

Sure there’re pretty pictures on the package
smiling folks living the life,
so I’m led to believe
they must eat a lot of this stuff,
makes ’em feel better than alive.

Farmers replaced by marketers;
what have they caused us to imbibe?
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Do you think they’re concerned with your insides?
Do you really want to be fed by cookie elves?

It’s years of habits I’m breaking,
no mistaking
the work it would be taking
to put good foods together
instead of relying on my buddy
But no doubt the things I won’t miss
are being tired
and constipated.

Lord knows we can’t predict
when we might go.
He’s the only one who can say when
we’ll reap what we’ve sown.
But out of respect for the vessel
He’s made,
I’m intent on running it better
before it finds the grave.

10 thoughts on “Food Impostors

  1. This is stellar. I laughed the whole way through. LOL. And no, I’m not just saying lol because it was mildly humorous. I’m saying lol because I laughed. I laughed out loud. For real. Well done!

  2. Have you noticed the big swing into small plot gardening and savy individuals learning they can rotate their crops the same was as AG Business does. I can’t imagine I’ll ever have a truck garden as in the days ahead as I do love the old fashioned wild flowers and roses – but – I may have to take on the challenge next year. This is a time sensitive approach with tons for thought.

    1. I read an article recently that discussed the higher nutritive value discovered in ancient wild food. Granted, with hunter gatherers there wasn’t nearly the population to deplete what was available and thus need larger quantities, such as what’s grown in our mega farms… Me? I’m still taking baby steps, but giving myself credit for every move in the right direction. Some days I eat well, some, not so much.

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