Crepuscular Countercurrent Philosophy


with countercurrent emotional pain
find their hair in retreat
and their nerves inflamed
while their own
dash for

Ed. note… “Dictionary Roulette” entrees take three randomly
chosen words from the dictionary to be used as key ingredients
for a poem.

2 thoughts on “Crepuscular Countercurrent Philosophy

  1. Given the words you picked, that’s quite a challenge! In our writers group we do a four-word challenge and come up with some interesting lists, but we try to get a verb involved, too. (We can do poetry or prose — that helps.)

    Our last list: elephant, catapult, dithering, extraordinary

    1. I’m picturing an elephant catapulting through the air. Now that is extraordinary! I guess it wouldn’t be pleasant for the pachyderm, though.
      I started doing this as a fun exercise for days when I wasn’t sure what to write about. It would be interesting to see how a group did with the same words.

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