Male Chauvinist Eidetic Reprobate


Anyone doubting the fall of man,
or the monkey wrench that Adam
tossed into God’s plan
need only spend time in the brain
of a guy.

Any guy,
just any average bloke,
beyond the age of puberty,
that’s when we are smote.
Brought low we all are,
though desire is natural,
enough being enough
just doesn’t seem quite factual.

At some point all men
act the part of male chauvinists
so objectification becomes ordinariness.
Our eidetic brains compile images
of female parts
and rate them as though for
elaborate charts.

Reprobates all, constant prayer and focus
on God’s will for our minds must be our locus.
It’s not easy, challenging habits ingrained,
not impossible, but worthwhile, taking some pains.
Viewing all women,
at all times
as not objects,
but our sisters, mothers,
aunts, and friends,
worthy of love in its highest form…
and respect.

© Joel Tipple

(Note: Dictionary roulette words are entirely chosen at random, really!)

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