Many times I’ve wondered
at my lack of vision.
What would it take to wash
the scales from my eyes.
Tender words or lightning strikes,
perhaps nuclear fission,
you just can never tell heart-wise.

Just be open
Just be open

Everyone is crying for some freedom,
But with so much they don’t know what to do.
I have found there are so many wrong directions,
leading to blind alleys for me and you.

There’s a cry that’s living deep within us.
Heaven’s message sprouting deep inside,
like two magnets speeding cross the universe,
God’s coming for us and it’s useless to hide.

Just be open
There is surely more than you’ve been told
Just be open
You don’t have to sell yourself to be sold
Just be open
There’s no need any more to be afraid
Jesus knows already what your soul craves.
Just be open
Just be open

© Joel Tipple

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