Thinking Thanks

A day of Thanksgiving is great,
but what about the rest of the year?
One day isn’t nearly enough.
It’s a drop in the bucket, I fear.
So consider that today was practice,
and spend more time getting it right.
A good start would be to thank God for His grace,
then to seek His direction and light.

© Joel Tipple

5 thoughts on “Thinking Thanks

  1. Oh, you shop! I thought it was a national fisticuffs celebration. 😉 On second thought, I guess that’s pretty much what it turns out to be here.

    1. So far we’ve avoided the excesses associated with your Black Friday sales. Stores are busy Dec 27-31, but no knock-down-drag-out “Gimme that bargain!” stories.

      I have to wonder if the devil invented Black Friday as the perfect squelch for all those thankful sentiments?

  2. Thank you Joel. What a beautiful reminder. It would make a lovely embroidered sampler – a 100 years ago when people did things like that. Instead, may
    I copy it to some Facebook friends? Peace.

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