Young Music

If you love them,
give them the gift of music.
It makes every other class they take worth more.
And if you’re interested in success for their future,
you’ll find it helps open so many doors.
Who can take part?
Anyone with a heartbeat.
Humans were born to communicate
using rhythm and sound.
It’s a universal language
that proves we can all find common ground.
Don’t be short sighted and cancel music,
thinking you can’t afford to pay.
You simply can’t afford the silence,
and you’ll be contributing to society’s decay.

© Joel Tipple

One thought on “Young Music

  1. Me again. 🙂 I like your thoughts here, right up until the last line, then “you’ll be contributing to” seems to throw it into prose.
    Think of the pudgy boy that jumps on one end of the see-saw and whump! Could you lighten it by balancing the verbs? Something like
    “You simply can’t afford…
    or contribute to…”

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