Afraid of Christmas?

Should we be afraid of Christmas?
Or should Christmas be afraid of us?
So many are afraid of lawsuits and such,
yet it’s hard to reconcile the fuss.
Don’t say Merry Christmas when you talk to customers in your store.
Don’t put the Nativity here.
Is that a bible verse on government stationary?
I don’t think you can pray there.

But the most diabolical attack Christmas ever suffered
began when we made it about gifts.
When we created a decadent cocktail of love and money and celebration,
that’s when the whole thing went over a cliff.
But the commercialization of Christmas is a sad story we know all too well.
The broader scope of the attack on Christians is another story to tell.
Christ and Christ followers will survive Madison Avenue,
and government prohibitions too.
Relegating reverence of Jesus Christ to a particular place or season
isn’t enough anyway, I think. What about you?

© Joel Tipple

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