The Center


Lord, help me be in the center of your will,
like a note in sympathy with your heavenly symphony.
When needless tempests are whipped up
by my stubborn mind,
place your hand upon my shoulder…
make me still.

Make my heart soft but strong
to help the hurting without breaking.
Help me point the way to your door
and lift up those
who are tired of trying.

The road to your center is a rough and rocky climb.
Those who say it’s easy likely haven’t tried.
I cried out to you Lord, when the load
got too heavy.
Sometimes giving up is tempting,
but the life we’ve been given is worth the fight.

Holding onto Jesus,
take another step.
Holding onto Jesus,
take another breath.
Looking forward to heaven,
but before I leave
I want help those I meet
live abundantly.

what’s your definition?
it isn’t all cake.
learn to live in the moments you’re given,
not just for heaven’s sake.
life lived in the rear view mirror
won’t take you much past yesterday.
God treats His children well
and you have a story to tell.
About overcoming.
About victory.

Choose life in the center,
not just on the outside looking in.
Abundant life is waiting on the other side
of the door in front of you.
Turn away from distractions
that would rob you of what God intends.
Life everlasting begins now,
not just in the future tense.

© Joel Tipple

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