The Center


Lord, help me be in the center of your will,
like a note in sympathy with your heavenly symphony.
When needless tempests are whipped up
by my stubborn mind,
place your hand upon my shoulder…
make me still.

Make my heart soft but strong
to help the hurting without breaking.
Help me point the way to your door
and lift up those
who are tired of trying.

The road to your center is a rough and rocky climb.
Those who say it’s easy likely haven’t tried.
I cried out to you Lord, when the load
got too heavy.
Sometimes giving up is tempting,
but the life we’ve been given is worth the fight.

Holding onto Jesus,
take another step.
Holding onto Jesus,
take another breath.
Looking forward to heaven,
but before I leave
I want help those I meet
live abundantly.

what’s your definition?
it isn’t all cake.
learn to live in the moments you’re given,
not just for heaven’s sake.
life lived in the rear view mirror
won’t take you much past yesterday.
God treats His children well
and you have a story to tell.
About overcoming.
About victory.

Choose life in the center,
not just on the outside looking in.
Abundant life is waiting on the other side
of the door in front of you.
Turn away from distractions
that would rob you of what God intends.
Life everlasting begins now,
not just in the future tense.

© Joel Tipple



These days you hear a lot of talk about
“living without limits.”
You’ll note the phrase in
motivational messages
by the score.
You can hear it in slogans
You can read it in banners.
But with all this living without limits
I find myself wondering,
just what is their unlimited for?

Unlimited is one of those words
that might mean more than you think.
It carries as much baggage as freedom.
Think about that when you’re on the brink.

Does the boy driving his first car
believe in unlimited speed?
Does the girl you call princess,
believe unlimited beauty is all she needs?

Is unlimited whatever you’re addicted to
enough to fill the hole?
…the empty place very close
to what might be your soul?

Unlimited love has been demonstrated
and it came at a cost.
Unlimited life has been purchased
and paid for on a cross.
Unlimited is so much more
than you might have been led to believe,
but trust me…
trust me, that’s a good thing.

© Joel Tipple

How will they hear?


But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless someone is sent to do it? That’s why Scripture exclaims,
A sight to take your breath away!
Grand processions of people
telling all the good things of God!
But not everybody is ready for this, ready to see and hear and act. Isaiah asked what we all ask at one time or another: “Does anyone care, God? Is anyone listening and believing a word of it?” The point is: Before you trust, you have to listen. But unless Christ’s Word is preached, there’s nothing to listen to.
Romans 10:14-17 The Message

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I need to hear of God.
I may not know I do.
I may not know His word contains the key
to a relationship I was made for before the world was.
My intellect, my will, my judgment, will be present.
But salvation speaks like a laser to the heart, to the soul.
I do not know yet the unvarnished truth of the gospel, how it will reveal something
so natural I’ll wonder why it took so long to become a reality in my life.
And why would He choose a human being to reveal this truth?
Why not send an angel, or a blinding light?
God could do that.
God chose you,
and others…
For some reason, God is really about relationships.
Don’t think I need someone perfect to tell me about Jesus.
What I really need,
even though I may not know it yet,
is for someone to be authentic, warts and all.
Be real to me.
I’ll recognize that.