Between Mundane And Disaster

Much of our lives we spend
avoiding life’s extremes.
In one compass swing
in the other,
We hope our hearts are strong enough
to live in between.

We search, often aimlessly,
avoiding the extremes.
We hope to endure,
just wishing life would bring
something better.

There’s a way to thrive,
to bring those hands we’ve used to push away
out to the world that needs us,
to our hearts,
and up to our God who wants to be
our life supply.

It’s alright not to completely understand,
with uncertainty to live.
It’s okay that you don’t know every answer
or all of God’s plan.
That’s a lot of what faith is.

Your life can be more than just existing
between mundane and disaster,
beyond dreary or the crushing of your stars.
The transforming power of the Holy Spirit
will enable you to see how far
if you only believe.

© Joel Tipple