Coming Home

This is not how the story ends,
not with you wandering.
It’s time to give the pen
back to the author of life.
Remember where you’ve been
and know where you’re going.
Come home to Jesus
and answer your heart cry.

There’s a melody that’s been playing
softly for some time now.
It used to be distant and weak
but now it’s getting louder
so you turn your attention to the conductor,
As he stretches out his hands
the music swells in response.

Answer the call.
You’ve heard Jesus calling.
Your story doesn’t end with you alone;
you’re coming home.

Can he redeem the years
you spent running,
when you were
a leaf set adrift from the tree,
a fish out of school?
Can you really start again,
or are you just hoping?
Well remember,
if he used Peter,
he can use you too.

You’ve answered the call now,
the adventure he intended
waits for you to step into
the book it’s in.
How many chapters are left?
Only God knows.
Rest assured he’s bigger
than any mountain.

© Joel Tipple