When Doves Cry


I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often
since my front yard is bird grand central.
Our two living room windows present bird views
almost worthy of a bill.

Now I have to say I’ve seen
quite a few irresponsible doves.
So for what I have to say,
I’ve nothing but love…

They dive and swoop and chase
in their fun loving
merry making haste.
I will say since I feed them quite liberally
I have some part in the incident,
so there’s my disclosure fully.

Yesterday, one of the doves
in the midst of a very swift swoop,
tried to go through my not open window without stopping.
You could call the move a closed barrel loop.

Now you would assume the bird was shaken.
That it’s okay I hope I’m not mistaken.
But it did leave a signature imprint on my glass.
I’m going to leave the mark there
so others will know
through not to pass.

© Joel Tipple

I’ll be there


Recently we put some bird feeders and a goldfinch thistle sock in the dogwood tree, along with a bird bath underneath it. They take some daily upkeep, but the return in entertainment has been huge. A bird splashing enthusiastically away is hilarious. I extended the perch on one of the feeders and so started getting many of the larger birds that don’t usually get invited to these things. As a result, there are several different birds that show up daily. There are the various songbirds, at least three pairs of doves, and a crowd of six or more of some very large birds that I have yet to identify. They show up like a biker gang with bad intent, gobble up as much as they can, and leave. On the bird feeder with the extended perch, there is one on either end, with a 3rd on the roof. Comical. This morning I was watching a blackbird pecking away at the ground, when a smallish juvenile walked up, squatted in front of the other bird, and opened its mouth wide. The bird equivalent of a teenager showing up and demanding to be fed. I don’t have the appropriate photo to go with this story. I’ll try to add one tomorrow.

dare me to follow you
I’ll be there and
for the time bear it too and
I’ll be there and
trust for a little time more
I’ll be there and
find what’s there in store

wait till Spring time
wait till Spring time

sun warming earth
morning giving birth
sun warming earth
sun warming earth