When Doves Cry


I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often
since my front yard is bird grand central.
Our two living room windows present bird views
almost worthy of a bill.

Now I have to say I’ve seen
quite a few irresponsible doves.
So for what I have to say,
I’ve nothing but love…

They dive and swoop and chase
in their fun loving
merry making haste.
I will say since I feed them quite liberally
I have some part in the incident,
so there’s my disclosure fully.

Yesterday, one of the doves
in the midst of a very swift swoop,
tried to go through my not open window without stopping.
You could call the move a closed barrel loop.

Now you would assume the bird was shaken.
That it’s okay I hope I’m not mistaken.
But it did leave a signature imprint on my glass.
I’m going to leave the mark there
so others will know
through not to pass.

© Joel Tipple

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