Bible Drama


I like a book
Times I can tell by its cover
it won’t be like any other
it’s a hook

Draws me in to read
just a little of the lead
I have to know
more of the story

One thing leads to another
like the Bible story of the brothers
Cain and Able
they each brought something to the table

Cain was the first human born
not created
God said his sacrifice
compared to Abel’s
was lower rated

and Cain was jealous
he was a pretty angry fella
he struck out
and Abel went down

“Where is your brother?”
said God to Cain.
“What is that sound,
his blood crying from the ground?”

so God cursed Cain
for Abel’s brother things were never the same
he was left to wander with a mark
a sign for those tempted to cause him harm

Am I my brother’s keeper?
Does God see what I do to the least of these?
Am I an honest seeker?
Is it me or God that I seek to please?
God examine me as I drop to my knees.
God please look in my heart as it’s You I seek.

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