Though I never said out loud I didn’t trust Him,
There have been nights my faith was tested
till it could break.
And though I’d seen the sun win out
over early clouds,
time and time again
I still found myself
overwhelmed by the rain.

But Jesus here we are
and it’s morning,
I step outside and from above you shine.
While it was dark, the rain poured down,
wind and cold all around,
my selective memory failed me one more time.
Cause time and time again you have answered,
not once have you failed to take me in,
from the cross you felt more
than I will ever feel,
your life blood flowed and covered all my sin.

And I raise my hands to you Lord in thanksgiving,
my words of tribute are my offering.
Please accept this song of praise,
for by your death and life I am amazed.
Our hope was born through your suffering.

2 thoughts on “Anthem

  1. You write –

    But Jesus here we are
    and it’s morning,

    I did a post today called, “When My Morning Comes Around”. It seems we were both ready for a new day.

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