Thank You

If God gave me breath for two words,
when I’d come to the end of my time
and let’s face it we can never know
just when that will be…
With not enough words to wax poetic
I’d bring out the best two I could use.
I guess the most exquisite
would simply be thank you.

Thank you,
two words directed at God and then those
He’s allowed to touch my life
even the ones who brought me
some measure of pain.
Thank you,
no matter your intentions
you helped me to grow,
to live a full life
you can’t just have sun,
you also need rain.

Thank you for the dark
and the light.
Thank you for a family
to say good night.
I’ve found that some of the small joys
are really the best.
God, as you see I’m skirting the rules
by using many now
when then I’ll only have two.
I just wanted to get some out now
before I rest.

Thank you for music…
surely the precursor
to heavenly sounds.
I’m pretty sure there’s more to the band
than only the harp.
Thank you for painting,
from our hands though surely from yours.
Thank you for expression of all that we feel.
It seems like hardly enough to just call it art.

I hope to add to the list
before I’m down to my last two

though you surely knew,

I want to say thank you.

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