Time Lines cont.

Past, Present and Future get back together for their weekly lunch.

Present makes the mistake of calling roll. “Past!”
Past: “Present!”
Present: “Very funny.”
Past: “Well, what was I supposed to say?”
Present: “You could have just said, ‘Here.'”
Past: “In just what way would that have been fun, Ekhart Tolle? Besides, you’re the one who is always preaching about being here now.”
Present: “Alright, let’s just move on.”
Past: “I was born ready. By the by, where’s Future?”
Present: “Late, of course. He doesn’t respect anyone else’s schedule. We need to clue him in to the fact that there is no such thing as ‘fashionably late.'”
Past: “And he’s all about fashion. What’s wrong with the clothes of yesteryear?”
Present: “There’s nothing wrong with yesterday’s styles, as long as you wash them occasionally.”
Past: “We can’t always be spring fresh, like you. Oh look, there’s Mr. Tomorrow, now!”
Future: “Don’t start. Let’s order, I have an appointment with a skin specialist after lunch.”
Present: “You’re so vain! Why can’t you just accept yourself as you are?”
Future: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”
Past: “Did he say that last week?”
Present: “Probably. Does anyone see the waiter? Oh, there he is!”
The waiter approaches the table. His face is a little red. At the top of his forehead, a line of perspiration has begun to form.
Past: “Oh, good. Wait, is that the same water you brought earlier?”
Present: “Leave it alone, Past.”
Past: “The cubes are smaller.”
Future: “Come back in a bit with some fresh water. My friend is a little… (Future makes a circling motion around his ear with his right-index finger). The waiter quickly nods in affirmation.

to be continued…